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About Us

Hello! My name is Taylor Hollis and I am the proud owner of Cool Beans Coffee Brewery! Cool beans was formed in 2022 out of a passion of all things coffee related. I have always loved trying unique coffees so I began to research and ask lots of questions to teach myself more about this thing that I love. Cool Beans is my dream small business side hustle that I hope to be able to someday expand into a physical coffee shop. 

I am also a middle school teacher so finding good-tasting coffee was often rather vital to existence! My husband and I own Vice Armory of Davison as well (my husband's dream side hustle). When I'm not busy with our many jobs and passions, I love spending time with my family and my two pugs / fur babies, Jasper and Rue. 

From teaching 12 year olds about fractions in my day job, to talking freedom with Vice Armory customers, to delivering delicious bags of brew, I thrive on the connections I get to make with people. In everything I do, it is my goal to spread kindness in any way I can, and in any way those people I'm connecting with may need. My ultimate goal is to #spreadkindnesslikecoffeegrounds wherever I go. 

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